30 Day blog challenge: Day 6 – Biggest Kitchen Fears

I love cooking for other people.

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6 – Biggest Kitchen Fears / bellyfullbajan.wordpress.com

Hey everyone!

So I know, day 6 is a bit late… But here it is! :)

Today’s topic is my biggest kitchen fears. I pondered over this and thought, where should I start? I think the main fear that people who love to cook for others will always have is that the person being cooked for does not enjoy their food. This primary fear can then be broken down into a few secondary fears:

  1. Did something make it into the food that is not supposed to be there? (rubber band, hair, bug)
  2. Is it under-cooked or overcooked? (that is the question)
  3. SALT: Did I add salt?
  4. Is it cold now? should I reheat?
  5. Is there enough for everyone???

However, while these fears are very real, the biggest fear of all is giving someone food poisoning or a dodgy stomach. Thankfully I have not done this, at least not to my knowledge and I pray it remains that way. There are many people who enjoy coming over and letting me cook for them and I would be absolutely horrified if any one of them ever felt unwell because of my cooking!

Now that I have shared my greatest fears with you why not share some of yours with me? Just write a comment below! It would be very much appreciated to hear a few.

Have a great day guys!

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