30 day blog challenge: Day 4 – My Dream job

My dream job

My dream Job

Well today is definitely a mother of a topic: my dream job.

This has been something I have struggled with since I was about 15. However, it was at the end of my third year of university, when I was trying to sort my life out, that it became the cause of much anxiety. After a considerable amount of thought, I decided to be true to myself and simply try things I have interest in. I am not one of those people who was able to say from the time they could speak that ‘I want to be the editor of Vogue by the time I am 30’ or ‘I want to be a neurosurgeon.’ I have always been one to look forward to the journey rather than the ultimate destination.

Since then I have gone through a few “dream jobs”. I spent some time in publicity, and editorial, but my most recent employment adventure was as a chef. I really thought I had found my place, but after the greater part of a year I realised that the world of hectic restaurant kitchens was not for me. That week I sat down with a blank piece of paper and a pen and spent hours simply brainstorming. What was my next step? It was during this time that I realised there is something I love just as much as cooking, and that is writing. For example, I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy my blog. It gives me the space and freedom to write about whatever topic I choose, while also encouraging me to get creative and try new things like this blog challenge.

So, what is my dream job? I am afraid there is no exact answer as yet, but I am making a start. My dream job will be in a role where I can combine what I am passionate about: quality ingredients and informative, engaging writing. It is a job that will allow me to evolve and progress in both my skills and my character.

I am very happy with where I am right now. I am definitely going in the right direction and the only way from here is forward.

So as Martin Luther King and Walt Disney have so wisely said, ‘Keep moving forward.’

2 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge: Day 4 – My Dream job

  1. amleyaclarkephotography says:

    Hi, was great to come across your blog. Just read a few articles and wanted to share that I think you’re doing a great job and I’m proud of you. I know it’s not always easy figuring out what direction to go with your life and then going after it but I know you have the personality, intelligence and passion to succeed in whatever direction you pursue. Wishing you the best of luck! :)

    • kiobrien001 says:

      Hey Amleya! Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! I really appreciate them. Just had a look at your blog too and I really like your BBFW shoot. Keep it up Amleya, you really have the eye! Best of luck to you too and I will be looking out for more posts! :) xxx

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